Our Approach

We at Strategic Alignment Partners, Inc. are passionate about seeing people grow and achieve their innate full potential. We believe that continuous learning is essential and are continually looking at new ways to grow as a company to better help others. We believe that each individual has within them the guidance they need to be all they can be and to fulfill their potential but sometimes we need outside objective information to help us find it.

We are pragmatic, results focused critical thinkers who understand people and communication

We hope you will join us on our mission of "Helping 10 million people go to a higher level of consciousness and performance.

Our Story

Incorporated in 1991 we have been looking at ways to constantly grow with the times while still providing our clients with the customer service they know and love.

Our philosophy in working with clients is to first ascertain if there is a fit between us and the key individuals who will be leading the initiative being undertaken. We believe that in order to deliver exceptional service we and our clients have to be on the same page as regards expectations, style and mindset.

Meet the Team

We have a team of professionals with different back rounds from a seasoned driven entrepreneur who started in the government, switched to the private sector working her way up with determination, a millennial with a new perspective on the future of companies and a Lieutenant Colonel. We want you to get the right fit for your company. When it comes to the goals and objectives your looking to achieve.


Gayle Abbott

Founder & CEO

Gayle started the company as a way to branch out on her own after moving quickly up the corporate ladder.

Elizabeth joined the company to help individuals reach their full potential



Multiple Associates

We have numerous associates across the United States with extensive experience.