Culture change can occur as a result of a new leader, new initiatives, a need to re-energize the organization to maintain and gain market penetration or moving an organization from "being in the red to being in the black".

It's key when creating a culture of performance to get all those involved in making the culture successful on board and actively participating in the process. If people aren't aligned and committed then the change will not occur or only happen in fits and starts. In order to change individuals often need  to look and act in ways that create changed paradigms - something which does not occur naturally.

As humans we naturally gravitate towards our comfort zones which means while we may consciously say we buy into the change (not always the case) we may subconsciously be taking actions and making decisions which keep us firmly rooted in the past.

As one client said "I've been through lots of change processes and this is the most effective and practical I've ever seen. Most do some really silly or meaningless things. Not Strategic Alignment Partners."

Processes are customized to your unique needs and designed to help you successfully achieve your objectives.