Effective facilitation is often a critical component of many organization initiatives. An objective, seasoned facilitator who can pick up on the nuances and unspoken dynamics or issues or ask the tough questions can help in situations such as when you're:

  • developing a strategic plan
  • creating strategic initiatives or goals
  • getting buy-in and commitment to organization initiatives
  • developing or refining core values
  • defining leadership competencies
  • getting a team in crisis back on track
  • holding a meeting where you as the leader need to observe or participate

Every facilitator is different and each one brings different competencies. The sweet spot for our facilitators is the blending of solid practical business expertise and tools with intuitive abilities to sense the best approach, comment or question at each point during the process. They focus on achieving concrete results but do so by intuitively sensing the right thing to say, right activity to do, right adjustment or detour to make to achieve your objectives. Our facilitators also bring a strong combination of strategic perspective with the tactical understanding necessary for a group to execute. While we see the big picture we also provide detailed written follow up and recommendations throughout the process.